An exclusive photography technique until in recent years. Then these prime lenses were limited and comparatively expensive. Now we not only have digital photo imaging software, we also have more selection of camera lens-makers dedicated to this visual art.

We are an active and community-driven team committed in showcasing & sharing techniques, resources and information on this beautiful visual art of awe. We aim to update fresh and innovative materials more frequently but we are lagging behind. We are lacking of something to energize this community.

We need You!

It doesn’t matter if you are a developer, user, expert, beginner or self-claimed guru. As long as you have the passion, time & integrity, we welcome any photos, images, tutorials, guides & information on Tiltshift Photography, Miniature Faking and Diorama Illusion.

We like to take this opportunity to thank all for contributing and supporting our community-driven project on tilt shift photography.

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Before & After examples by our awesome readers

It does not matter if you can edit photos like a pro or an amateur. What matters is your passion and interest. We are not made equal, but we are unique in our own artistic ways!

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“What is the difference between miniature faking and fake tiltshift?” – Jojo
“What is diorama illusion effect & how is it different from miniature fake?” – Monet
“Are there any software other than photoshop that can do the same effects?” – Rick
“What are the restrictions of these lenses and why are they so expensive?” – Travis
“What is PC-E, TS-E, PC-TS, tilt transformer?” – Lee
“Are there good and affordable lenses for canon, nikon, sony, micro four thirds camera systems?” – Mel

before fake Tilt shift after fake Tiltshift -evrimsem

before illusion simulation after illusion-simulation

before miniature fake after miniature faking -wernerkunz

before diorama illusion after miniature diorama illusion -pixel0908

before photo edit after photo edit pixlr -DVS1mn