Tilt-Shift Software Photoscape Tutorial

Tilt-Shift Software Photoscape Tutorial

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Pictures and images rendered by desktop Tilt-Shift Software or online Tilt-Shift generator/ maker is referred as Digital Tilt-Shift Photography or more commonly known as Fake Tilt-Shift.

There are a few popular photo-editing software to digitally simulate Tilt-Shift effect, with the most popular being Photoshop. Photoshop is an excellent photo-editing software to recreate and retouchup our images, but the learning curves may be a little steep for some of us, and not to mention the hefty price.

Another alternative is to use the online Tilt-Shift generator, to create post Tilt-Shift image effect. It is a web-based tool where you can upload your image and do the photo-editing online.

But there is an easier way to do it and it’s free.
For the non-fussy users, i will recommend Photoscape as it is not only a Tilt-Shift software, but a free photo-editing software that has many built-in filters to retouch and recreate images. It is straightforward and easy to learn.

Photoscape Tutorial

Many people like to photograph images from high angles, to Miniature Fake images. Life-size subjects are digitally edited and simulated to look like a ‘miniature scale model’ (toy-like scene).

tilt-shift photoscape tutorial

Open your image in Photoscape by drag and drop image onto Photoscape icon.

tspt 2

Click on [Filter] > [Fake Tilt-Shift] and below is what you see. A pop-up window with controls like Blur, Contrast, Normal Mode, Bright Mode, Deep Mode settings for you to manipulate.

Set your focus point first, by clicking on the orange cross-target and move to where you like your focus to be. Remember to tick on [Live Preview] to see immediate changes.

tspt 3

After you are done playing with the settings, remember to save. Now compare the difference between our Fake Tilt-Shift image and its original image.
Tilt-Shift Photoscape Tutorial is simple and easy with the built-in miniature faking filter.

miniature fake photoscape
dramatic tiltshift faking example

If you want more dramatic color like the photo directly above, click [Bright,Color] and within, you can play around with [Remove color cast] for a lusher green, enhance color, saturation & luminance with [Color Curves], [Saturation Curves], [Luminance Curves]. Finally go to [Filter] > [Vignetting] for the final touch shadowy feel.

Another possible way is through [Region (Out of Focus)] Filter where we can select vague selection areas of [Radial], [Horizontal], [Vertical]; the biggest restriction of Photoscape is the lack of a selection pen-tool that defines the area specifically, where we can modify the blurring effect, color saturation & contrast intensity.

Tilt-Shift Photoshop capabilities is definitely more advance than the latter but it needs more learning curve, time and passion.

Photoscape Video Tutorial


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Why not just use Photoshop?

Jun 01, 2012 by William

Hiya, why not just use photoshop instead of wasting time on different software? You will have more control over almost everything and the results are sure to be better than the software here. If you want results, then go for photoshop!

Response: Hiya William! Thanks for your input but not everyone is willing to pay and spend time learning photoshop, just for miniature faking effects. I absolutely agree that photoshop is great for photo-manipulation but there are better solutions for users who wants to avoid the extra spending and learning curve. As for results, it depends on the users as well.

Using more than one software?

Apr 13, 2012 by Chrisz

It is possible to use more than one software for more advance control to render fake tilt shift effects on your images, if you do not have photoshop CS. But if you are just looking for a quick and creative fix, photoscape will render your tilt shift pictures just fine.

Otherwise look for photo-editing software that offer selection tool, contrast & saturation control, blur, vignette. These controls will provide the foundation of miniature faking techniques. If you just want a quick fix without the complexity and you have either iPad, iPhone or Andriod, there are some great apps available.

4.0 5.0 2 2 Hiya, why not just use photoshop instead of wasting time on different software? You will have more control over almost everything and the results are sure to be better than the sof Tilt-Shift Software Photoscape Tutorial

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